Game Making Reflection

For a start, I’m going to talk about the making of the game that we made as a group, the difficulties we faced and how us as a group worked together to face such problems, how we distributed the work upon us and at the end collected all researches made and managed to make the game perfectly as planned in such a short limited time.

During the past week, my team and I overcame many obstacles that ultimately led to the creation of our game, having a board containing many situations that a person can pass by through the day while each player pick a random stack of cards explaining a certain disorder and try act upon the decisions they will make while passing through these situations, the rest can guess what is the disorder of the other players by writing it down on a piece of paper and checking it at the end of the round, the earlier the guess the more points both players gain as one guessed it correctly and the other acted it perfectly. Therefore this also enabled us as game makers and the players to become more aware of the different disorders that some people around us face and live with on a daily basis.

The task at hand was not easy, and we indeed did face many problems that could’ve lead to our downfall, however we persevered and ultimately created the game in the end. Some of the obstacles included choosing a time and place to convene, since we all had very busy schedules, and each of us had different exams. However, in order to solve that problem, we had to learn how to compromise, and I prioritised the project and cancelled few commitments in order to meet up with my team. Another problem we faced, was the creation of the game itself and how we could condense such a complex issue into the form of a game in such a short limited duration. We tried to make the game accessible to all audiences, by adding a fun element to it, we also explained the different disorders in the cards giving descriptions for each disorder and hints which was completed after researches each of the group members made upon the disorders, in order to make it easy for the audience to understand and act out the disease.

To be honest, I did not think that we can finish such a complicated game in the amount of time given, putting in consideration that we changed the game that we were going to make half way through. However, due to our team’s commitment and hard work, we managed to complete the making of the game perfectly which I personally learned a lot from including time management and team work.

    I believe that I benefited a lot from this experience, and that I learned a lot about the different diseases and disorders we worked with. With the knowledge I obtained from the research put into the game, I believe that I am now better able to deal with these complex disorders and help the people around me who are suffering from these disorders. This game opened my eyes to the reality of these disorders, and how we should deal with them, and how we should help people suffering these disorders. I also benefited a lot from this experience in that I gained team work skills, as well as leadership skills. As a group, we were able to form a bond and work together as a united front in order to form the game.


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