Final Blog Post

The final blog post must be special, therefore I will share everything about the second module, what are the things I enjoyed the most, what mistakes I have done or difficulties that I face and how did I solve them or get past these issues, and at last what I learned from this course and the things I will always remember years from now about the course.

First of all, the creative thinking and problem solving course is one of the best courses that can be taught here at AUC. It provides the skill needed to each student that worked hard through the semester but what differentiate it from other courses is the way the information is given as it is taught in a fun way using activities in class and prototypes to be made which makes it so much more interesting than the traditional way of learning. Although both may have the information given to the student, but in my opinion, the way it is learned in this course makes the student wants to receive the information and actually seeks to know more about it and at the same time enjoying the class as it is mainly based on activities that you can learn from which is fun to everyone.

Secondly, there are some few mistakes that I have done that I think it would have mattered if I knew these things from the beginning which was going to enhance my learning and develop my own ideas. I started the course just like any other course depending mainly on getting the knowledge from the professor to study it at home and know it off by heart so I can be ready whenever tested, however this course is different as you gain 70% of the information just by listening to the ideas but you need to engage and share your own ideas to gain the remaining 30% by the surrounding commenting on your ideas whether they like it , they do not like it, or it needs improvement that you may not be seeing. I think I started Module 1 the wrong way as I did not engage as much which I still learned but not to the fullest as I did in Module 2 and I actually really enjoyed it.

I believe that no one ever took this course without learning something from it, personally, I have learned a lot in each class individually which made me attend almost all of them throughout the semester. Firstly, this course is the most course that I have ever took that makes you engage with the surrounding and get to know your class throughout the activities made and all the group projects and activities that we shared, I think such a course is beneficial for everyone especially first semester freshmen who may not have met a lot of people yet on campus, people who are shy or not the talkative type I think this course is perfect for them as it will break the ice and get them out of their comfort zone gradually. Moreover, we learned how to work as a team and that we complete each other when we are seeking the same goal making it easier for all of us to reach such a target. I think whenever I reach a creative idea even years from now this course will be the reason for me thinking in that specific way as I will probably reach it by thinking out of the box or trying to relate everything to a random object and how to adapt the functions like an airplane for instance. finally.jpgI really enjoyed taking this course this semester and I hope there are more similar courses like it to attend in the near future.


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